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Moverworldwide helps moving customers worldwide to find moving companies near to them whether it is for an international moving, a domestic move or even a move across the street. Moving companies list their company on  moverworldwide directory making it available for tcustomers . Corporate decision makers come to moverworldwide for finding a Quality moving service provider for their employees relocation and office relocation. An enquiry posted on moverworldwide by Moving customers or corporate is attended by a Maximum of five movers from their own place.  Moving Customers and corporate decision makers have the choice of contacting individual removalists directly from moverworldwide. Thus is the choice of movers directory for individual moving customers corporate and the choice of movers directory for removals companies


Movers  directory by is a directory of international and domestic moving companies from all over the world. Movers in General are recognised by diferent terms in different countries like moving companies, Removals, Removalist, Relocation companies, Furniture removers, Packers and movers, forwarders, Shippers - etc. When a customer in UK search for international removers, for removal company to move from UK to another country a customer in USA will search for a moving company and a customer in India will search for packers and movers and a customer in Australia will search for Furniture removalist. Considering this variations in terminology used by moving customers from different countries moverworldwide has taken care to accomodate the maximum variations in our pages.

Apart from the variations of terminology, in actual some of these words has a completly different meaning. For example Relocation has a vide meaning when explained and moving is only one part of it. Same way forwarding is only just a portion of the moving job. So understanding these terminology is important to avoid confusion when you as a moving customer sign your moving agreement with a moving company.
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