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The United States of America often referred to as the land of dreams, has been portrayed countless times in the movies as the place to be for anyone in the world. It is where dreams do come true and for expats, that is the goal. However, real-life is quite different from the movies, but you can certainly make your dreams come true in the USA with the right approach. How you go about it and which state you choose plays a key role in that outcome and we are sharing seven states where a lot of expats try their luck. You can find Relocation companies in USA listed on

New York

The state of New York in real life is just as busy and bustling with life as you see in the movies. It is home to the country’s most historic buildings, a truly international culture, and a cost of living that very few can afford. However, if you manage to find an opportunity to live in New York, you will agree that there is no other place like this for an expat. Find New York Moving companies on movers directory


Being the nation’s capital does come with some perks and expats living in Washington can agree to it as well. This state has an extremely diverse culture, and you can expect to see people from all over the world living here. Washington also has a great transport system, social life, and living costs are also relatively affordable.


The West Coast is popular for its scenic hilly areas and a love for artistic works and culture. There are many incredible landmarks in California and the food and social life are also great. It is perfect for any expat looking for international exposure with a ton of cultures. However, the cost of living in California is high, especially if you go to Los Angeles or San Francisco.


If you like big things, then Texas will be a sight for you to behold. Being the largest state in the United States, this place has a weirdly attractive approach towards showcasing that size factor and you can find some incredible places to explore here. The cultural growth happening in Texas, especially in the capital city of Austin is worth noting for expats, and so is the zero corporate or personal income tax!


If you want to find work in a place with warm weather and beautiful beaches, then Florida is a place you must keep on top of your list. However, places like Miami and Sarasota also show that this state is more than just sandy beaches and beautiful weather. There is a thriving art and culture scene in Florida and the state’s education and transport system are also among the best in the country.


Chicago is one of the most business-oriented places in the United States. The infrastructure and facilities you can find here are second to none, and so are the job opportunities. Chicago also offers great education, transport, and other basic amenities.

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey offers a great mix of landscapes and is particularly favored by expats that are nature lovers. However, beyond its beautiful beaches and lush green forests, New Jersey also provides great employment opportunities, education facilities, social and public amenities, and infrastructure. It also connects to several major tourist destinations in the region.