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Qatar is a fast-growing economy with much to look forward to for anyone who is planning to move here. While moving to Qatar may not get you tax-free salaries, fancy brunch hangouts, and 4x4 desert safaris all wrapped in a single package, but you would probably get something quite close to it. The capital city of Doha was barely a small town about 40 years back but now it can match any modern city.

With oil and gas fueling most of the economy, Qatar is seeing spectacular growth and change right now. There are major infrastructure projects everywhere and the country is also preparing a host of new facilities for the upcoming FiFA 2022 World Cup. These include a brand-new airport, a recently opened metro system, and several other projects.

Of the many attractions that you can find in Qatar, the National Museum is one of its proud presentations. You can find a diverse and vibrant arts scene here and some incredible Michelin-starred restaurants to go with it. What makes it even more incredible is that the country is managing to make all of that happen in an area with a size that is a tenth of the New York State’s. The new Qatar stadiums are also monumental feats of engineering and worth a visit on their own.

Another thing that makes moving to Qatar, especially Doha, such an incredible proposition is the amount of diversity you can find here. Of the 3 million population that lives here, a staggering 88% are foreign workers. More than 100 nationalities live here, making this country a true cultural melting pot.

If you are planning to move to Qatar, you can expect to see all the amenities that modern-day life in a developed country has to offer. As for the luxury, you can get anything you can imagine here, as long as you have a wallet to back it up.

Urban life in Qatar is extremely dominant and that has a lot to do with the fact that 90% of the entire country’s working population is present in Doha. The work for FIFA 2022 and Qatar Stadiums has also pushed for urbanization further, making the country a highly urban landscape with very little rural population.

Qatar is a dominantly Islamic country with two-thirds of the population being Muslim and you can see it as an integral part of their culture and daily life. The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but the expat community primarily communicates in English here. However, given the large number of countries from where expats come and live here, you can hear a wide range of languages on the streets of Qatar.

The food options in Qatar are practically endless, thanks to the country becoming a literal global village from the huge influx of expats. While you can find any cuisine you want from around the world, you can also get delicious Qatari cuisine to enjoy. Being a gulf country, the food consists of dishes containing meat, seafood, rice, and vegetables, and yes, shawarmas are a staple here.