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Do you have a large industrial setup that needs to be moved to a new location? Given the massive size of the project, we can imagine how stressful it can be for you. While the concerns that come with a project relocation are the same for every factory/facility owner, things can be much more concerning if it is something related to healthcare or chemicals. Regardless of the niche that you may be working in, the need for a professional heavy equipment moving service is obvious.

While you may have the tools to move your equipment around, it would be a bad idea to imagine that you can perform a complete industrial move by yourself. Moving equipment around in the safety of your space and moving it across town or multiple towns is completely different. A professional mover will help you see things that you might not even have imagined.

Always Use Time to Fix Issues

When planning an industrial move for your factory or facility, it is probably the best time to perform maintenance and other tasks that you have not done before. Having free access to your entire machinery means you can fix long pending issues and identify other potential problems that could arise after the move is complete.

With MoverWorldWide, you will get the expertise you need to ensure no new problems arise due to the heavy equipment moving process. You will also get the peace of mind you need about your equipment by consulting professionals that come to supervise the move. They can also advise you on the best way to deal with your equipment to ensure its safety as it is being taken to its new location.

Foolproof Project Relocation Process

The only concern you would have when performing an industrial move for your equipment is to ensure that your facility can resume working at the same pace in no time. To do that, you need complete equipment safety and MoverWorldWide puts in place a multitude of SOPs and protocols that ensure things do not get out of hand. Whether it has to do with the machinery or the supporting equipment, everything is dealt with as needed. At any project relocation, you would be expecting a few key items to be moved, including the following:

  • Large mechanical equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Spare parts
  • Delicate / hazardous materials
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Paperwork and files
These things are generally present at all sites and MoverWorldWide creates specific protocols to handle each type of item properly. We also discuss specific requirements with clients if they present a unique requirement at the time of the industrial move.

Lastly, while you want to be extremely careful about your facility equipment, you also do not want to see any delays. That is why MoverWorldWide takes on multiple steps simultaneously to minimize the heavy equipment moving time so that you can get operational as soon as possible. For more queries and booking your project relocation, contact us right away!