Posted on 10-Jan-2023

Moving into a new place? Now that’s reason to be excited, a new place, new people, all that calls for a celebration. Moving from one place to another is usually an auspicious occasion. Before you celebrate though, there is just that little task of checking on the health of your stuff and whether it has arrived with you in one piece. If it has, kudos to you!
Wait a minute; before you spur your horses, you still have just one tiny business to attend to, unpacking all the boxes. Dreading it already? We know unpacking can make people go crazy just with the thought of having to find a place for every piece of crockery, towel, dustpan etc. in the house.  
Here are few tips to help you stay sane while you unpack.
Get all the Boxes Stored in the Right Room
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see all the packed boxes in one place? It’s to attack them all at once. That might be the first thing that comes to your mind, but should be the last thing you do. Take each box in the relevant room, i.e. take the kitchen boxes to kitchen, the kids’ boxes to the kid’s room, etc., so that you can do things in a systematic and organized way.
Unpack the Most Important Things First
So while you were unpacking, do you remember the things you couldn’t pack until the very last moments? Those are the most important things for you and your house. Make sure when you start to unpack, those are the things you look to unpack first. Why? Simply because if common sense is to be believed, what was important to you in your last home is definitely going to have the same level of importance in the new place.
Imagine before you Unpack
A handy tip to note before you unpack is to think about what you want in each room and how you want each room to look before you unpack. If you are able to have a clear picture in your mind about what you want placed in what place in your room, you’ll be able to unpack with better precision and save yourself the fatigue of having to fit things unnaturally in a room. 
Give the Place a Feel of Your Home
We pack and unpack things a number of times in the setting of our home, more often than not it feels natural. This is a good way to help you unpack things in your new home. Make sure you place a few painting against the wall and a few carpets here and there that remind you of your home. While that may need you to unpack a few things, it’ll make sure you are comfortable in the greater unpackaging. 
Be Human and Stay Human
I beg you for the sake of bubble wrap don’t try and get all the unpacking done in a single day. Prioritize things, for example get the kitchen and the bedroom under control first and then eventually move ahead with the rest of the packing. 
Remember, not all packing can be done in one day, but some of it needs to happen each and every day until everything is out of the boxes.