Customs Regulations

Posted on 23-Feb-2022

Customs Information for Moving into Hong Kong Household Goods and Personal Effects Documents Required : (1) Inventory of the goods (2) If description is shown as only electrical appliances or clothing, an import license must be obtained before clearance. A general description of used household goods and personal effects is preferred. (3) Photocopy of owner's passport (4) Authorization Letter Duty / Tax : None Liquor Documents Required : (1) A detailed inventory including the year, brand, quantity, volume and CIF value of each bottle of liquor (2) Another letter mentioned that the liquor is for personal used only. (3) Purchase invoice, if any Duty / Tax : Owner should pay duty to the Customs Office before shipment’s arrival, and rate shall be payable on the following types of liquor:- Type of liquor Rate Liquor with an alcoholic strength of more than 30% by volume measured at a temperature of 20 Degree Celsius 100% Liquor, other than wine with an alcoholic strength of not more than 30% by volume measured at a temperature of 20 Degree Celsius 40% Wine 80% Where there is no or insufficient information available from which the Commissioner (or any officer authorized by him in that behalf) is able to determine the value of any quantity of liquor of less then 12 litres, imported at any time in one consignment, he may assess the duty payable on such liquor at the rate of HK$160.00 per litre. Motor Vehicle Documents required : Importer is required to put down the information about the owner of the vehicle, its value and the vehicle particulars on the standard form CED336 (and CED336A if applicable) together with purchase invoice , Bill of Lading, delivery note, original vehicle registration documents and valid insurance certificate in respect of the imported vehicle. All these information will facilitate the Customs and Excise Department to determine the provisional taxable value of the vehicle. The Department will provide the owner with a Notification of Provisional Taxable Value for his car afterwards. Duty / Tax : The First Registration Fee is based on the following:- Depreciation 25% per year after manufacture for petrol-engine vehicle and 20% per year for diesel-engine vehicle. After depreciation, the fee is calculated on the following scale: Taxable value Rate On the first HK$150,000.00 35% On the next HK$150,000.00 65% On the next HK$200,000.00 85% On the remainder 100% Before the importation of a vehicle other than a motor cycle, the owner must ensure that the vehicle has already been tested and was issued with a full exhaust emission test report by recognized laboratory within 6 months before applying for approval from the Environmental Protection Department for Vehicles must satisfy emission standard in the Air Pollution Control Regulations. Car must be right-hand drive, otherwise, owner must apply import license. Also it is very difficult to obtain insurance policy for vehicles used over 10 years.