Posted on 10-Jan-2023

You need to be cautious if you have a large collection of wines that you want to bring with you if you are moving to a new house. Your wines may be rather valuable, what with many vintage options increasing in value as time goes along and those wines become scarce.
You need to make sure your wines are packed and moved safely so they will not be at risk of damages from either the bottle breaking or the wines getting into an environment that is too unsustainable for them. However, you also have to watch for what you are doing when getting your wine ready.
Make Sure It’s All Appraised
Moving companies aren’t just going to take your wines and move them. They will need to appraise those wines as a means of determining their values. This is to see if those wines qualify as items that can be moved in accordance with other high-value items in your home.
These wine bottles may be covered by assorted protection plans provided by your mover. These will reimburse you for any damages that might occur while your wine bottles are shipped.
Check On the Legality of Your Move
You must be cautious if you are moving into a new state. Not all states are willing to let you move loads of wine into their borders. All states have their own rules as to how much alcohol you can move into their borders for your own use. Contact any alcoholic beverage control authorities in your new state to see what you are legally allowed to move.
Look for the Right Packing Materials
The packing materials that you will use when getting your wines shipped out should be analyzed carefully to ensure that your wines will not be at risk of damages. Your packing materials must include the following to ensure that what you are using is safe and easy to handle:
•    They must have plenty of slots that will allow you to store regular-sized bottles of wine. You might have to ask for some specialized slots if you have longer or wider bottles to work with.
•    They should also be arranged to where you can store the bottles upside down or to the side if necessary. This is critical if your wine bottles have corks as those need to stay wet at all times.
•    Plenty of padding materials must also be used within your shipment. This is to ensure that your wines will not be at risk of shifting and moving around, thus putting them at risk of damages.
Check the Climate
The last tip is to ensure that the climate conditions for your move are comfortable. That is, you need to get your wines moved in a special shipment where the temperatures are slightly chilled. Also, the moving environment must be dark enough to where light will not get in the way and possibly alter the composition of your wines.
Be cautious when getting your wines moved around. The process of packing and shipping wines is filled with plenty of precautions that you must follow as well as some legal matters that could impact what you can and cannot bring with you.