Posted on 17-Mar-2022

Planning a Move Two Months in Advance

The moving process will entail several steps that must be followed over an extended period of time. Here is a look at what you will have to do in the two-month period before you move.

Two Months Before

  • Talk with your moving service provider about when your move will officially take place, whoever will be responsible for packing and what items you plan on moving in particular.
  • Make a full inventory of everything you plan on moving. You will end up spending more on the moving costs if you add certain things that were not listed at the time of the move.
  • Discuss the liability points relating to your carrier to determine what your carrier will be responsible for and what you must take care of on your own.

Six Weeks Before

  • Notify any organization or professional that has your address about your move. Let them know about your new contact address. You must get in touch with your doctors, lawyers, banks, credit card providers and other entities that use your address to contact you on a regular basis. You must especially inform the post office about this.
  • Look around your home to determine what you don’t need to bring with you to your move. You can always hold a garage sell or you can sell some items online. The key is to ensure you don’t have far too many items on hand when moving, thus making the process easier. You can also donate any unwanted items to charities that need them and possibly get a tax deduction off of their approximate values.

One Month Before

  • Let your moving provider know about what items you are going to remove from your inventory. This should be based off of what you have sold or donated in the last step.
  • Figure out how any cars you have will be moved. You may need to bring your car to an auto transport service provider. Make sure such a provider is aware of how your car will be moved.
  • Make sure any travel plans during your move are fully reserved. These include plans relating to the hotels you might stay at or any air travel you require.

Two Weeks Before

  • Set aside a series of items that you will need for when you are traveling and when you’re at your new home on the first night before your other items show up.
  • Throw out anything flammable within your home.
  • Drain the fuel from any grills, mowers or other fuel-based items that you hold. This is to keep such items from being flammable. Don’t forget to do this for your car.
  • Prepare a date for when your utilities are going to be shut off.
  • Set up plans for your pets if you have any. Reserve the proper places for where a pet might stay at and how your pets will be transported.

One Day Before

  • Mark all fragile items that need extra preparation.
  • Label anything that you want to have unloaded first within your home. These include anything that might be highly valuable.
  • Unplug anything electronic at least a day before your move. This is to ensure all those items are cooled off and won’t become fire risks while in transit.