Posted on 19-Feb-2022

The first thing you need to do when you find you are going to be moving to another country is find out about international movers. This is the most important factor in a smooth, successful international move. There are different international moving companies for different needs and so that you have time to find a suitable move date it is advisable to identify your particular needs as soon as you can. You will also want to talk to a minimum of 3 international moving companies and compare services, price, licensing, documentation and their insurance policies. Moverworldwide is a directory of movers all over the world. Unlike other Directories you are able to find complete details of every moving company on moverworldwide Directory. Moving overseas is unlike any move you have done within the United States or any other country. The biggest difference is because of the threat of terrorism you are not allowed to pack yourself for an international move. The international moving company professionals will take care of that. Because of the distance and shipping methods it is always recommended to get your personal effects packed by a professional Removal company. You will also need to be aware of "The Public Health Security and Bio terrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002. This act tells you whether you are or not allowed on an international move. All international moving companies wrap and stack items in waterproof plywood, fiberglass or metal containers called lift vans or load directly into 20 foot by 40 foot ship containers. Most international moving companies will do the packing right at your residence. You want to inquire on which appliances you have that will work to the country you are moving to. Different countries operate on different voltage and plug types so most of your appliances would require an adapter to work. Some people sell or donate their appliances. This saves you time and money. You do not need to have the international moving company pack them or ship them. You also do not have to find adapters to make them useable. The money saved from packing time and shipping costs should allow you to purchase new items once you reach your destination. Taking out additional insurance is highly recommended when moving overseas. Take an itemized inventory along with the international moving company with an exact value of each item including the cost of moving them. Your international moving company also will have its own policy on claims so ask them for complete details. Contacting the embassy of the country you are moving to will help with getting information in regards to prohibited items, also your international moving company should have information about your destination. A word of note that if you are planning to ship your car, be aware there are a large amount of restrictions. Your movers should be in a better position to guide you on this. These restrictions differ from country to country so be sure to get all the information you can from the international moving company. Then also research anything that may not be clear. Most international moving companies will require payment at the completion of packing and loading. Cost is determined by weight, destination and services rendered. This normally will include unpacking at the destination country. This again is something you want to be clear about with the international moving company. Once your payment is made your goods are released for shipment to the port of origin. If you do not make the payment immediately your shipment could sit at the port and you will be charged storage fees. International shipping rates are not regulated and are very competitive. Most quotes you get are only valid for 30 days and these rates are changing regularly. Find out if there were any duties or additional charges due to a delay getting to the destination if your international moving company is liable or if you need to pay the destination agent. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ask questions of international moving companies to make sure you get your goods to your new home. You want to do this economically, safely and timely.