Customs Regulations

Posted on 07-Apr-2022


Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

Copy of passport

Copy of packing list

Original bill of lading (OBL) – or copy if express release / Convention Marchandises Routiers (CMR) / air waybill (AWB)

Original T2L form (page 4), if applicable

Certificate of repatriation (persons entering from non-EU countries requesting duty-free entry)

Authorization form / declaration form

EORI application / declaration form

Owner of the goods’ value added tax (VAT) ID number

Residence permit issued by Greek authorities (foreigners)

Copy of diplomatic passport (diplomats)

Diplomatic franchise (diplomats)

T1 form (diplomats)

Specific Information

Copy of passport for each family member entering with the owner of the goods (persons entering from non-European Union countries (EU) must present an original passport issued within the 2 years preceding entry; otherwise, the previous passport must also be presented)

Owner of the goods’ value added tax (VAT) ID number obtained at a Greek tax office closest to new residence [persons entering from non-EU countries requesting duty-free entry]

EORI application / declaration forms are only required by owners of the goods moving from a non-EU country.

Shipments arriving from non-EU countries have three options for Customs clearance: duty-free entry, the payment of duties and taxes, or diplomatic shipment.

The owner of the goods must have lived abroad for a period of 2 years preceding entry and cannot have any financial ties during this time period in Greece; proof of residency may be required, such as utility bills, tax forms, rental receipts, etc. (entering from non-EU countries requesting duty-free entry).

Owners of the goods from non-EU countries who qualify for duty-free entry should contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin prior to departure.

The owner of the goods must be present for Customs clearance at the port of Piraeus.

An authorization form and an affidavit form may be required by agent; contact agent for details.

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

Vehicle ownership documents

Proof of car insurance

Title / registration card

Copy of driver’s license

Diplomatic franchise (diplomats)

Diplomatic ID (diplomats)

Letter from Embassy certifying diplomat’s employment, including beginning and ending dates

 Specific Information

Owners of the goods importing vehicles using a tourist status may temporarily import vehicles duty free for a period of up to 6 months.

Owners of the goods possessing a certificate of repatriation for primary residence may import vehicles duty free; owner of the goods must be present for Customs clearance at the port of entry.

The owner of the goods may be required to pay for a Greek license plate and a luxury tax (persons holding a certificate of repatriation).

For persons importing a vehicle who hold a certificate of repatriation, the vehicle must be in the owner of the goods’ possession and in use for at least 6 months in the country of origin prior to import.

Diplomats can import vehicles with temporary duty-free entry.


Documents Required

Vaccination record

Veterinarian health certificate

Pet passport

 Specific Information

Pets must have a microchip.

A rabies test must be performed by a certified European Union (EU) laboratory a minimum of 2 months prior to entry into Greece.

Documentation must be issued by a licensed veterinarian at the time of export from Customs in the origin country, granting permission to enter an EU country.

No quarantine period is required.

Duties and taxes do not apply to pets owned by the owner of the goods for at least 1 year.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

Alcohol and spirits (only a small quantity is permitted; items must be identified as kitchenware and loaded first in the container or truck)

Hunting weapons (authorization from the Ministry of Interior is required)

Duties apply to the assessed Customs values as follows:

Electrical items                                     23%

Electronic items              &