Posted on 10-Jan-2023

Your first night box is important in that it contains the things that you will require while you are in your home on that first night. This is to ensure that you will have a good experience in your new home while waiting for all your other items to come in during the moving process. Here’s a look at what your box needs so you will have an easier time moving into the area.
Home Maintenance Items
You need to get some home maintenance items to ensure your home is ready for cleaning. You can bring surface cleaners, soap and trash bags among other things to have in your home so you can make sure your new home is cleaned off as needed. You might want to bring some extra light bulbs just to be safe when you are inspecting your new home.
You must have a few assorted food items in your home as well. A few foods that are easy to prepare can always help. Of course, you can always get these items from a local supermarket near your new home.
Also, don’t bring plates and other utensils that can be washed in your first night box. Only use paper and plastic materials so you won’t have anything new to wash.
Hygienic Items
You should also bring plenty of hygienic items with you in your first night box. Bring clean bath towels, bed linens and clothes that you can use on your first night. Don’t forget the bath soap, toothpaste and other cleaning items that you’ll need to keep your body fresh.
Try and bring two or three days’ worth of these items just in case. This is to ensure that you’ll have enough items on hand in the event that your shipment of items is late or you are struggling with trying to get all of those items unpacked.
Medical Items
You should always bring about plenty of items for your health. A good first aid kit can help you out for when there are any problems that might physically come about when moving items. You can always bring bandages, pain-killers and other necessary items with you.
You should also bring any medications you take with you. Be sure to forward your medications to a pharmacy near your new home just to be safe; you should contact such a place a few weeks before you move to ensure that such a place will actually get your prescription.
Car-Related Items
This last section is for if you plan on driving your car over to your new home. You can always bring car-related items like oil and other fluids and any spare parts you have. This is to ensure that your car is protected as you drive it. You could even spend a bit of time working on your car while waiting for your items to come in if you’re interested in doing so.
Be sure you pack enough of these items to ensure that you’ll have a better experience while in your new home for that first night. You must be well-prepared to ensure that you are comfortable with your experience in your home.
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