Posted on 10-Jan-2023

Moving to a new city and/or a new home makes for exciting times. You experience the high of starting something all over again. The moving process though, taking your stuff from your old abode to your new one, now that’s not as exciting, is it? 
The things you need to do while you move need to be listed down on paper. Such is the volume and numbers of tasks you need to accomplish to ensure a perfect move. One top of that, it is a process full of fatigue, hassle, and one that eats up lots and lots of time. 
So if you are looking to move, planning ahead is the best way to go about it. What do you get? Well you get to save some hard-earned cash if you follow the tips given below.
Choose the Moving Method Wisely
There are a number of ways you can move your stuff from one location to another. Here are the most common ways of moving. 
•    Hiring a professional mover to take care of the loading of your stuff, moving it and unloading it at the desired location. While this is usually the most convenient option, it is also the most expensive one.
•    Rent a moving truck, load all of your stuff in the truck yourself, drive it to the destination and unload it. This is the most tiring method but you might get to save some money with it. 
•    Load your items on a moving container and ship them where you want (not applicable if you are moving in a city). 
However you decide to move, make sure that you compare and contrast between the rates of services of each option you are looking to use. A wise decision will usually be one which requires a little fatigue and saves you a hefty amount for it. 
Don’t Forget on your Deposits
If you are a renter and you have decided to make a move to a new place, your security deposit could cover the costs of your move. All you need to do is get it back from your landlord. Go up to them and ask them when they can give you back your initial deposit. Try to persuade them to give you your deposit on the spot, if they can’t, tell them to post the check to your address. 
There are a number of deposits other than the house deposit, if you have given other deposits such as car rental deposits or internet usage deposits getting them back will help you finance your move and save money. 
Shop Smart
So you’re moving your home and you want to pack your things into card board boxes. If you don’t have card board boxes with you, you’ll have to buy them. While you may be urged in excitement more than anything else to buy new boxes to pack your stuff in, you should refrain from doing so. You need to remember that unless you want to make a move once again, these boxes will go to waste. So save up on your cash and buy used boxes, because all you want to do is pack and move. 
Time, money and fatigue can all be saved if you move with a plan in mind and a solution to every problem that can happen is pre-determined.