Posted on 02-Jan-2023

Are you aware of how many moving companies will charge you extra for when you use more containers, boxes and supplies? It costs more to use a larger shipping container too. With that in mind, you need to do what you can to conserve supplies and space. One thing you can do is use your furniture for packing purposes.
Specifically, you can always use individual features inside your furniture pieces to shore items in. This is great if you have large desks, dressers and anything else that features drawers in it. You can always store your items in those spaces so you won’t have to use more storage boxes than necessary.
Still, you must be careful when using your furniture with packing purposes in mind. There are many things you have to do to ensure that your items are safe while packing them:
•    Try and get like items packed together. Clothing can be packed in the same drawers, for instance.
•    Make sure the items you pack inside your furniture will not be damaged while in transit. Fragile items can be at risk of bumping around the insides of your furniture, thus causing them to be damaged while making a mess inside your drawers.
•    Look to see if there are any locks on the doors or drawers in your furniture. You can always use those to your advantage by using a key to lock up a spot so it won’t open up.
•    Always use security straps around the outside parts of your furniture. These can help you secure the drawers so they will stay closed and not at risk of opening up. It also helps to keep straps around the outside so your furniture can be secured to one specific spot in your shipping container without being at risk of bumping around.
•    Keep any pieces of furniture that you have as well-maintained as possible. Check and see that your pieces are sturdy and not at risk of coming apart.
•    Watch for how much weight you are placing into your individual furniture pieces. Your furniture sets can only handle so much weight at a given time because they can possibly break down or wear out in some manner.
Remember that your furniture can be a good ally for when you’re trying to move your items. Make sure you take care of your furniture the right way so it won’t be at risk of causing damages or other substantial problems.