Posted on 07-Dec-2022

A Handful of Packing Tips for Moving to Another Country
Brace yourself, the moving season is coming. This is the season when most of you will be leaving your homes and your countries for greener pastures and better opportunities of living. While that is no reason to regret, packing can sometimes be a bit of a hassle for you and your family. Is your family taking fragile and valuable items with them? Then packing is definitely the most important thing for you. Here are a few tips to help you in packaging your stuff.
Be Careful when Packing Your Tools
How do you pack your underappreciated yet valuable tools? Take all the mops, brooms, and other tools from the garden and bundle them together with the help of tape and strings. Make sure that all the accessories are removed and packed in another box that is labeled accordingly. Other small hand tools which often seem to lie around in loose hand boxes should be kept in there, but the hand boxes should be properly secured from the top to eliminate the chances of the tools escaping the box. Always remember to drain tools that are powered by oil or gas from them to avoid any mishaps. The sharp tools need to be wrapped around with towels to nullify their sharp edges. 
Ship Your Clothes Off In the Wardrobe
The packing of clothing depends on how you wish to transport your good from one country to another. The clothes that are handing in the wardrobe closets can be left on their respective hangers and put into wardrobe cartons. This method is applicable if you are shipping your goods from one country to another. If that’s not how you are sending your goods, it’s better to remove your clothes from the hanger, neatly fold them and place them in a suitcase.
Protect Your Jewelry and Other Valuables
Be sure to avoid packing your jewellery and other valuables with the rest of the stuff in cartons or suitcases that you won’t be carrying personally. The best way to pack jewellery is to wrap them up in newspapers and put them separately, one by one in your personal handbag. Such items are valuable and are best protected in your possession. 
Use Pillows to Provide Cushion to Fragile Items from the Dining Room
The dining room is likely to contain the most fragile of your goods. The best way to pack them is to play close attention to each item and to wrap them up completely in papers each one alone. The cartons that you pack should be able and durable enough and you can even use your pillows as comforters for your cutleries.
Wrap Small Appliances Separately
Look around your house and you are likely to find lots of small appliances that you can’t leave behind and need to take with yourself. The best way to pack such items is to wrap them in papers individually. Before you place items such as clocks, small radios, and irons into the carton make sure you line the carton up with crushed papers and foam to avoid them withstanding damage during the moving process.