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International movements from and to Thailand increased as the nations economy started growing. The Thai economy is South-East Asia's second largest and one of its fastest growing.  Thailand's overall macroeconomic situation remains positive and the combination of strong economic growth and higher than expected revenue will continue to enable the Government to pursue its social and economic development objectives.

Thailand has been populated ever since the dawn of civilization in Asia. The first humans in this region were hunter-gatherers whose way of life was based on hunting wild animals and gathering whatever grew wild in the woods and the hills. Later on man learnt to modify nature, growing cereals such as rice and breeding livestock. Rice-growing communities sprang up. Metal casting and pottery making also became highly developed skills as these prehistoric settlements prospered. Cast bronze technology in the northeastern Thailand area dates from around 2000 BC, making the prehistoric settlements in Thailand just as technologically advanced as those of India and China.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral legislature.  Since the early 1980s, there has been considerable reform of Thailand's system of government, which is now developing as one of the most democratic parliamentary systems in Asia. The change in political situation and the economic growth attracted forgien investment. This has resulted in  increased people movement to and from the country and an increase in international moving companies.

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