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International Movers became an unavoidable element as the country developed and people started moving in and out of Netherlands.

Historical accounts of the Netherlands date from the 1st century BC, when Roman forces conquered Germanic and Celtic tribes inhabiting the area. Under Roman rule, peace and prosperity prevailed for more than 250 years. About AD 300 German tribes invaded from the east. The Franks, the most powerful of the invaders, subjugated local tribes and converted them to Christianity. By 800 the territory was ruled by Charlemagne, the greatest of the Frankish kings. During the 9th and 10th centuries, Scandinavian Vikings frequently raided the coastal areas and sailed far up the rivers. These raids led to the emergence of fortified towns. In the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries, the area became an important trading center, and wealthy merchants in the towns challenged the power of the nobles who ruled the countryside. The Netherlands and the surrounding area, known as the Low Countries, passed from the control of the dukes of Bourgogne during the early 16th century into the hands of the Habsburg emperor Charles V, who held territories throughout Europe. In 1555 Charles granted control of Spain and the Netherlands to his son, Philip II, whose oppressive rule led to a war of independence waged by the Dutch from 1568 to 1648. As the history goes on it did not take much for the Netherlands to resurrect.

Service industries are important, notably international transport and moving through the world’s busiest container port at Rotterdam. The Netherlands has derived substantial benefits from its membership of the EU, which caused an increased international move by road with whose members the bulk of its trade takes place. It has generally been a strong proponent of further economic integration within Europe and joined the Eurozone upon its inception in January 1999. In 2003, the government was forced to increase taxes and cut spending in order to stay within the limits imposed by Maastricht criteria which govern the operation of the Eurozone. The global economic slow-down which took hold in 2001 reduced annual GDP growth to 1.5 per cent, and in the following year to just 0.2 per cent. In 2003, the Dutch economy was expected to contract by 0.7 per cent. Inflation has declined from 5.1 per cent in 2001 to its present level of 2.1 per cent; unemployment has climbed gently to 5.3 per cent. Germany is the largest single trading partner, accounting for about 25 per cent of The Netherlands’ imports and exports. Moving companies in this region plays a major role in relocating the employees. Belgium/Luxembourg, France and the UK follow. Overall, two-thirds of Dutch trade is with the EU. The Netherlands is a founder member of the Benelux Economic Union and of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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