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Chile country information

If you are entering Chile at Santiago International Airport, including arriving via Easter Island, you are required to pay an administrative fee in US dollars. The fee does not apply to travellers arriving at other airports or entering the country via land borders.
As a means of preventing international child abduction, upon arrival in Chile or departure from Chile, children under the age of 18 years travelling alone, accompanied by only one parent or in the custody of another person must present a notarised document certifying the agreement of the absent parent(s) to the travel. In the case of a parent having sole custody of a child, the court order conferring sole custody must be presented. These documents must be notarised by a Chilean consular officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santiago or at a Chilean Embassy or Consulate overseas prior to travel. The date of execution of the documents must not be more than three months prior to entry or departure. The same document may be used for entry and exit. You can find international movers on moverworldwide if you are planing to take your household effects to Chile. Moving companies who are members in the international associations usually take responsibility of their customers.

If you are travelling to Chile through the US, including transiting Honolulu or other USA points of entry, you will need to meet US entry/transit requirements. You should check your visa needs well in advance of travel with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.
Santiago, Chile is a city with well over 5 million people. It’s one of the most advanced cities It’s also one of the cleanest cities. Everywhere you look you can see European influence in the architecture of the buildings and the make up of the city overall. There’s a large German population here but then you have to remember that during World War II, after the fall of the Third Reich, many Germans escaped to South America, most going to Argentina but many finding their way to Chile.  Their influence can be seen everywhere, from the architecture of the buildings, to the styling of the homes.

Chile International movers


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