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The first inhabitants of the area that is now Angola are thought to have been members of the hunter-gatherer Khoisan group. Bantu-speaking peoples from West Africa arrived in the region in the 13th cent., partially displacing the Khoisan and establishing a number of powerful kingdoms. The Portuguese first explored coastal Angola in the late 15th cent., and except for a short occupation (1641-48) by the Dutch, it was under Portugal's control until they left the country late in the 20th cent.  

After many years of one-party Marxist rule, Angola is now a struggling multiparty democracy. Its executive branch is headed by a president and includes a prime minister and council of ministers. Angola also has a unicameral legislature and a judicial branch with a supreme court. Its legal system is a mixture of Portuguese civil law and traditional law.    

Angola's rich agricultural sector was formerly the mainstay of the economy and currently provides employment for the majority of the people. International movers came in to action as the import export business developed. Moving companies in the local area also became aware of the international standards that they need to provide to withstand in the market. Food must be imported in large quantities, however, because of the disruption caused by the country's protracted civil war. All areas of production have suffered since fighting began in 1975. Coffee and sugarcane are the most important cash crops. Cassava, corn, sisal, cotton, tobacco, and bananas are raised, and fishing is also important. Livestock, notably cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs, is raised in much of the savanna region.


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