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Algeria country Information

Humans have inhabited the land known today as Algeria since as early as 8000 BC. These first inhabitants were nomadic cattle herders and hunters, and the human population of the area remained unorganized until the end of the third century BC. The Berber chieftain Massinissa first organized the populace during the Punic Wars as the kingdom of Numidia. The sovereign kingdom of Numidia remained until 106 BC, when it was annexed by the Roman Empire. The Romans controlled Algeria until the third century AD, founding many new cities and making great improvements in the agriculture of the area. With the withdrawal of the Roman forces, a Christian sect assumed power and declared an independent state which lasted until the fifth century, when it was invaded by the Vandals. The Vandals occupied the area for a very short time before being ousted by the forces of the Emperor Justinian’s Byzantine army. Justinian’s forces were also quickly removed by the Islamic jihad in the seventh century. The Berbers did resist the Islamic expansion under the leadership of a Jewish high priestess named Kahina, but surrendered eventually to the Umayyad Khalif.

Algeria does have some more promising factors, as well. The current government seems to be enjoying popular support, as well as the support of the military. If this remains the case, it means that more reforms will have a chance to be passed in legislature and be tested in reality. It also means that there is a stable leadership system in place. Stability is frequently good for morale, which is almost invariably good for the growth of a nation. People around the world are attracted to Algeria because of it's economy and living standards which makes international relocation and moving to Algeria a regular event.


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