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Company Name City / State Country Logo
Company Name City / State Country Logo
COMPAS International Movers Hermann Germany
Frey & Klein intern. Spedition GmbH Ohlweiler Germany
EOS Move Management GmbH & Co. KG Darmstadt Germany
Expert Logistics GmbH, Moving & Relocation Frankfurt Germany
Walter Hebert GmbH & Co. KG Berlin - Grossbeeren Germany
Arnholdt & Sohn GmbH Stuttgart Germany
  A-Class Premium Relocations International (Germany) Ltd. Munich Germany
  A-TRANS Berlin Germany
  A.M.S. Atlantic Internationale Mobelspedition GmbH Hilden Germany
  ACTIVE Moving + Shipping Services all over Germany All Regions Germany
  Adavnatage Prime-Movers Ratingen Germany
  ARCO International Garching Germany
  BavariaBox Packing Systems Bessenbach Germany
  Bielefeld & Sohn GmbH Bremen Germany
  BLG Automobile Logistics GmbH & Co Bremen Germany
  boehm-moving Munich Germany
  Calenberg GmbH Weltweite Umzugslogistik Berlin Germany
  Cargo Marketing Spedition (D) GmbH Cologne Germany
  Cargo Marketing Spedition GmbH Frankfurt Germany
  COMPAS International Movers and Forwarders Ingelheim Germany
  Comtrans Comfort Moebeltransportbetriebe GmbH Bonn Germany
  Confern Moebeltransport GmbH Mannheim Germany
  Confido Gruppe Krefeld Germany
  Crown Worldwide Movers GmbH Frankfurt Germany
  Crown Worldwide Movers GmbH Nurnberg Germany
  D M S - Internation Bonn Germany
  David Blaz Spedition Ltd. Frankfurt Germany
  DMS-Int`l Deutsche Mobelspedition GmbH & Co. KG Bonn Germany
  Donath International Frankfurt Germany
  E. M. A. European Moving Association GmbH Offenbach Germany
  Eduard Loehle Sen. GmbH Stuttgart Germany
  Ernst BeiBner GmbH & Co. KG, Int'l Removal Forwarder Hannover Germany
  Euromovers Deutschland GmbH Bonn Germany
  Express Transport Shipping Agency Bremen Germany
  F.W. Deus GmbH & Co. KG Oldenburg Germany
  F.W. Neukirch (GmbH & Co.) KG Bremen Germany
  Focus Moving Logistics Kelsterbach Germany
  Focus Moving Umzugslogistik GmbH Grobbeeren Germany
  Friedrich Kurz GmbH Wetzlar Germany
  Froesch GmbH Grossbeeren Germany
  G.N. Deuerling GmbH Frankfurt Germany
  Gebr. Hertling GmbH & Co Berlin Germany
  Gebr. Roggernorf GmbH Cologne Germany
  Georg Schneider Internationale Umuege Rellingen Germany
  GERMAN MOVERS Hamburg Germany
  Global Silverhawk GmbH Bonn Germany
  Gosselin World Wide Moving GmbH Ludwigsburg Germany
  GRADLYN - G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH Frankfurt Germany
  H & C Fermont Frankfurt Germany
  Hartmann International Paderboru Germany
  Heinrich Hock GmbH Karlsruhe Germany
  Henk International Euromovers Duesseldorf Germany
  HL Van Transport GmbH Bassum Germany
  Huettinger Internationale Spedition GmbH Heidelberg Germany
  ICT International Container Transport GmbH Berlin Germany
  IMS International Moving Service GmbH Frankfurt Germany
  Inter Sea Port service, GmbH Bremen Germany
  Intermove GmbH Munich Germany
  Interseaport Logistics Gmbh Bremen Germany
  J. Pein Spedition Bremen Germany
  Jakob Haibel & Co. KG Spedition Und Mobeltransporte Bad Tolz Germany
  Joker International Services Deutschland GmbH Lohr am Main Germany
  Joseph Dollinger GmbH Munchen Germany
  Ketrans Moving Hemmingen Germany
  Kuchler Transporte GmBH Dusseldort Germany
  L Rettenmayer GmbH Intl Moving Logistics Wiesbaden Germany
  L. RETTENMAYER Internationale Umzugslogistik GmbH Kastel Germany
  Lauer GmbH, Euromovers Nuernberg Germany
  LBA Trans Wiesbaden Germany Wiesbaden Germany
  Max Jacobi Spedition GmbH Kiel Germany
  McRELO Mannheim Germany
  Meyer-International e.K. Linnich Germany
  Miru & Hjs GmbH Bremen Germany
  MTL (Moving Transport Logistics) Friedberg Germany
  Navtrans International Worldwide Moving GmbH & Co. KG Garching Germany
  OTB Overseas Transport GmbH Bremen Germany
  Paul V. Maur - Umzugsspedition GmbH Stuttgart Germany
  Pejozi Peter Josef Zimmer Mobelspedition GmbH Cologne Germany
  Phoenix Transport Services GmbH Bremen Germany
  Prime-Movers Internationaler Umzugs-Service GmbH Garching Germany
  Pro-Move Relocations Essex Germany
  Rhenus Midgard Seehafenlogistik Gmbh& Co. Bremen Germany
  Rose International, Inc. (ZNL - Bremen) Bremen Germany
  RST-Mobelspedition H.Muller GmbH Bonn Germany
  SAS - Uwe Haack Spedition int. Moving & Storage Langen Germany
  Schenker Deutschland AG Kelsterbach Germany
  Simon Hegele GmbH Karlsruhe Germany
  Spedition Scharrer GmbH & Co. KG Fuerth Germany
  Team Relocations GmbH Gustavsbur Germany
  TRANSPORT KRUMPF GmbH Hamburg Germany
  Transvan Internationale Transport GmbH Hattersheim Germany
  Unicorn Worldwide UTG Siek Germany
  Universal Express (Germany) GmbH Neuss Germany
  Viktoria Schafer Internationale Spedition GmbH Aschaffenburg Germany
  Walter-Altpeter Transporte, Umzuge, International Freiburg Germany
  Wilhelm Rosebrock (GmbH & Co.) Bremen Germany

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