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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Panama
Customer must be in country at time of customs clearance. Household goods and personal effects duty-free. Foreigners with Residence Visa. Panamanians returning after two years abroad. Shipments must arrive within six months of Customer. All shipments inspected. Customs inspection, Customs charges and Customs Broker's charges all payable by Customer at time of clearance. Additional charges incurred for storage or customs delays will be for Customer's account.

Documents Required
Residence Visa (or letter from Registered Lawyer and copy of petition for Residence Visa, if Customer does not have one), Work Permit (or certificate from attorney), Original Passport, Certificate of Change of Residence, Letter confirming employment and Detailed inventory (English or Spanish).

High duty payable by customer at approximately 27%-30% of CIF value 
Customer and broker must process documentation and pay duties. Customs clearance process is lengthy and demurrage is likely. 
Documents required: 
Title, Original Passport, Bill of Sale, Original Certificate of Ownership and Pollution Certificate.

Restricted Items
New items, alcohol, jewelry, coins 

Prohibited Items
Foodstuff and plants, Narcotics and drugs, Straw or hay packing in lift-vans and Firearms, weapons and ammunition. 

Live Animals and Plants
Certificate of Health and Rabies Vaccination required. 30 day quarantine period required.

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