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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Mexico
Customs regulations vary with Customer's immigration status and are subject to differing interpretations by Mexican authorities. Do not more shipment until approval of all documents has been confirmed Mexico. All items imported must be in relation to the size of the family. Electronic items and electrical appliances must be loaded together in one or two liftvans for ease of access by Customs (Destination Agent should be advised the number of the liftvans in which these items are loaded). Split shipments pose additional problems and must arrive to the pier/airport at the same time. Shipments are declared abandoned by Customs 30 days after arrival at airport and 60 days at surface port.

Documents Required
1. Copy of passport 
2. Inventory (in Spanish, original and three copies) without values must be certified by Mexican Consulate at origin (not necessary for FM-3 visa holders) 
3. Format of inventory MUST be in strict compliance with Mexican requirements to avoid costly and time-consuming delays 
4. Inventory must show origin and destination address, and all pages must be signed by the Customer 
5. Inventory must be detailed and number of boxes is required 
6. Electronic items and electrical appliances must be at least six months old, and MUST BE LISTED in the beginning of the inventory by make, model and serial number 
7. Items not listed on the inventory are subject to confiscation 
8. Declaratory Letter to Customs office in which Customer states that all items in the shipment are used, and if new items are present, invoices are attached and Customer will pay duties (no new items should be in shipment, if there are any they may be confiscated, fines will be heavy and detention will be very high) 
9. Letter from Customer authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment 
10. Additional documents required depending on the visa that Customer is holding: 
11. Returning Mexican Nationals: Customer must show proof of residence outside of Mexico for at least two years, to Mexican consulate in origin city, as requisite for issuing household goods and personal effects Visa. 
Passport (copy) 
Certificate of Residence (original and three copies certified by Mexican Consulate at origin), must have lived outside Mexico for a minimum of two years 
R.F.C. number (Registro Federal de Causantes) 
12. Visaed Spanish inventory by Mexican Consulate at city of origin 
13. Letter declaring value of shipment, no prohibited items are brought in and all items are used. (Ask us for form letter) 
14. Destination address in Mexico 
15. Customer with FM2 Visa (Permanent Residents): 
Copy of their FM2 
Copy of passport 
Visaed Spanish inventory by Mexican Consulate at city of origin 
Letter declaring value of shipment, no prohibited items are brought in and all items are used. (Ask us for form letter) 
Letter declaring that all imported items in shipment will be brought out of Mexico 
Destination address in Mexico 
Work Permit less than six months old 
18. Customer with FM3 Visa (Visiting Technicians): 
Copy of passport 
Signed original and two copies of typewritten inventory in Spanish with brand, model and serial number on major electrical appliances 
Letter declaring value of shipment and that no prohibited items are brought. (Ask us for form letter) 
Destination address in Mexico 
Letter of Guarantee from employer 
Proof that Customer is living in Mexico (gas, electric or phone bill) 
Persons holding this visa are importing their goods on a temporary basis and everything in the shipment will have to be re-exported when the Customer leaves Mexico 

Motor vehicles may be imported by diplomats 
Customers with a FM2 or FM3 Visa can import their auto on a temporary basis, but they will need the following documents: 
Original Visa and passport (just passport for Mexican citizens) 
Drivers License 
International Credit Card 
Every foreigner moving out of Mexico With an in Mexico bought car needs to get a special permit of Secofi (sort of tax institue of the governement). 
To start this law the government demanded that all cars must be registered with a so called renave. You have 2-3 months to do this. Once a car is registered and has this tag of Renave, a permit of Secofi is needed. 

Foreign Diplomats: 
Copy of Diplomatic Passport 
Diplomatic free entry with an Import Permit 
Only one shipment allowed 
Declaration letter 
Returning Mexican Diplomat 
Import Permit issued by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Passport (copy), R.F.C. number (Registro Federal de Causantes), Inventory in Spanish, Copy of Diplomatic Passport, Destination address in Mexico.
2. Mexican Nationals returning with Diplomatic Status: (Advise customer that shipment is subject to customs inspections and that no prohibited items should accompany shipment.) 
Spanish inventory, Photocopy of Diplomatic Passport, Letter declaring value of shipment and that no prohibited items are brought. Destination address in Mexico, R.F.C. number (Registro Federal de Causantes). 

Restricted Items 
New items less than six months old (items older should have obvious signs of use) are dutiable 
Original invoices to show proof of age are necessary 
Duplicate appliances should be avoided 
Paintings (from famous painters) 
Silver and gold 

Prohibited Items
Weapons, ammunition and explosives, Drugs, Live plants, Pornographic material, Oriental Rugs, Wines and spirits, Food stuffs and New items.
Live Animals and Plants
Vaccination and Health Certificate required

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general guidance and all users are allowed to reproduce this information. cannot however take responsibility for any errors, additions, omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such it is advisable to contact the nearest customs office or the moving company you select for your move to Mexico for full and current information prior to importation/relocation.