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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Belgium
Used household goods and personal effects may be imported duty-free into Belgium provided that they have been in the owner's possession and used abroad for at least six months. Foreigners without a Certificate of Residence in Belgium must pay a warranty of 10% for Customs duties plus 21% VAT plus BFRS 500 to cover any possible fines. Used household goods may be imported in several separate shipments; however, the declaration of duty-free entry must be completed for all shipments at the time of the first importation.

Documents Required

1. Passport (copy including the page with customer's signature) 
2. Work Permit 
3. Original Certificate of Residence obtained from the local Belgian town hall. 
4. Change of Residence Certificate (for Belgian nationality) 
5. Proof of cancellation of residence abroad 
6. Lease Contract or Renting Voucher 
7. Indemnity/insurance documents 
8. Non-valued inventory list or packing list in English, French or German signed in original by customer.
9. For shipments originating from a non-European Community country, a certificate is required stating that the customer has resided outside the European Community for at least twelve months prior to arrival in Belgium (certificate issued by the Belgium Consulate at the place of origin) or employer in country of origin or branch office in Belgium. 
10. For company moves, a signed and stamped declaration from the employer confirming that the transfer is required 
11. Belgians who canceled their registration in Belgium and who are returning to Belgium within two years must prove that their stay abroad was a result of their settlement abroad. The customs documents issued at the time of exportation of their household goods and or motor vehicle must be produced to the Customs authorities at the time of re-importation. In the absence of such documents, a warrant must be made. 
12. Diplomatic shipments - Customs Form 136F and diplomatic statement are required 
13. Contact address and telephone number of customer must be listed on documents 
14. If all documents are not available, a Bank Guarantee must be paid. (Refund of Guarantee will be issued upon presentation of required paperwork within the next 6 months) 

Dutiable/Restricted Items

Alcohol, tobacco products and foodstuffs. New items (less than six months old) subject to duty. Firearms and weapons (subject to a special license). Electronic/electrical equipment/appliances coming from non-European countries may require modifications in order to use them in Belgium. Telephones and fax machines generally do not need modifications, but do require approval by Customs. Plants and vegetable products must have Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture in the country of origin. Presents and souvenirs subject to duty. 


Duty-free entry if owner had possession of the vehicle for at least six months prior to entry into Belgium and if sales and value added tax were paid in country of origin. Vehicle must meet Belgium specifications and all safety requirements 
Documents required: 
1. Original Registration or Title (specifying make, model, year, type, chassis, engine and license plate numbers) 
2. Original Purchase Invoice 
3. Original license plate from previous country 
4. Proof of payment of sales tax 
5. Valid European Green Liability Card 
6. Proof of insurance abroad valid for at least six months prior to arrival in Belgium 
7. Proof of European/Belgian insurance 
8. Copy of passport with signature page 

9. Proof of residence abroad for twelve months prior to arrival in Belgium 
10. Statement from owner that he will not sell or trade the vehicle for at least six months after final clearance 
Wine and Liquor:-
A detailed valued inventory list is required. Import duties and VAT will be due.

New Goods

A detailed list and purchase invoices are required. Import duties and VAT will be due.

Prohibited Items

Drugs and narcotics. Firearms require a special permit.

Live Animals and Plants

A rabies vaccination certificate dated at least one month and not more than one year prior to entry is required.

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