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Post Services Company (Posta Plus, Kuwait)

Contact Person : Brian Macarayan
Address : Blk 1 Bldg 47, Farwaniya Dajeej, Faisal Center Building, Ground floor Office No. 6
City : Farwaniya
State :
Country : Kuwait
Postcode : 12020
Telephone : 1881881
Fax : 24312134
Website :
Email :
RC Number : 12020
Licence No 1 :
Licence No 2 :
Services Offered :

Origin Packing service

International door to door move

Domestic Door to door Move

Door to port Move

Custom Clearance


Office Move

Car/Auto Move

Pet Move

Associations :


Other Membership

Company Details : Posta Plus excels in its ability to customize its customer’s needs through an exceptional calibre of people whom have accumulated more than 35 years of experience in the moving and logistics industry. Our business model is defined by our commitment to innovate the logistics industry through our long-lasting market exposure and diverse portfolio of clients. Furthermore, our network is comprised of multiple agencies and offices around the world, which enable us to create a globally accessible network. At Posta Plus, the Move Management team is professionally trained in devising move plans and offering you all required assistance. Customer satisfaction, reliability, cost effectiveness and quality of service are the driving forces behind our team’s dedication. Whether you are in Kuwait, Bahrain or the UAE, our team will provide you with the ultimate solutions that guarantee you a successful, comfortable and easy move. Whether you are moving houses within your country or relocating to a different country, our experience Surveyors will personally pay you a visit to determine the particular requirements for your move. Moreover, our Move Managers will be at your service to discuss any concerns which you may have and offer their advice accordingly. Finally, Posta Plus will present you with the most-cost effective quote and arrange a packing date that is most suitable for your needs. Once your items arrive at their final destination, they must be cleared through customs and delivered to your doorstep. If you are leaving your country for another country, we will arrange for one our partners in your allocated destination to prepare for a shipment arrival. Otherwise, if you have a preferred party to work with, our team would be happy to get in touch and arrange the delivery. If you are coming to any of our stations, located in the Kuwait, Bahrain or the UAE, we are able to arrange with your Origin Agent to set you up locally. If you do not have an agent, we would gladly assist you in finding one. Our team of packers are continuously supervised and carefully trained to ensure that your possessions are kept safe during the packing or unpacking process. In addition, the team will ensure that all packing materials are removed from your new home, to give you the time, space and comfort to make your new house a home. Protecting your belongings from their point of origin until their final destination is our core priority. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that accidents can happen, regardless of how qualified or trained our teams are. Therefore, we offer assistance by putting you in touch with a recognised insurance leader specialised in domestic and international transit. Customs regulations can be a complex procedure and its requirements may come across as problematic and/or costly. At Posta Plus, our customs professionals have extensive experience dealing with both local and foreign authorities and understand their respective systems. As a result, we are able to assist you in what exact documentation is required, and wherever applicable, we will also assist you in obtaining these documents. Finally, we will clear your goods in as little time as possible to avoid any loss, damage or fines. Are you moving at the same time as your annual vacation? Do you want your belongings to arrive at your destination country at the same time you do? We have the warehousing solution for you, as we are equipped to hold your shipment in our warehouse for the required time and have it arrive whenever is most suitable for you. To be assured that your items will remain secure, our warehouse is fitted out with a fire-fighting system, strictly monitored pest-control and 24-hours security system. To be the marketplace leader in servicing our customers and communities, while we operate with ultimate responsibility towards our stakeholders.

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