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Aashu Movers & Packers

Contact Person : Preety Choudhury
Address : H.NO.6,Jaynagar Road,Six Mile,Guwahati-22 Assam
City : Guwahati
State :
Country : India
Postcode : 781022
Telephone : 2228181
Fax :
Website :
Email :
RC Number :
Licence No 1 :
Licence No 2 :
Services Offered :

Origin Packing service

Domestic Door to door Move

Door to port Move

Custom Clearance

Office Move

Car/Auto Move

Other Services

Associations :
Company Details : Packers And Movers Car Shifting Telecom Service Logistics Service Warehouse Service Trailor Service Courier Service Infra Service Container Service

India Movers directory lists International Moving companies in India freight forwarders and shipping companies that handle personal effects and household goods effects in and out of India. has been providing this directory service to moving customers , corporate decision makers on employee Move and Moving companies around the world who are not able to find a reliable moving company in some corner of the world. Whether you are looking for a Moving company in an African country or countries like India, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Which are the most demanding because of the number of expatriates pouring in from USA, UK, Germany, France and Netherlands as corporates keep trasffering their employees. Whether you are moving in to India or moving from India to another country is your right partner. provide a detailed information that comes in handy for International Moving like Customs regulation in various countries, which very often is a myth to Moving customers and Movers for certain countries; Why and how about Moving Insurance and much more.