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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Turkey

Any customer who is Turkish citizen must be present for customs clearance. Used household goods and personal effects permitted for import if for customer's own use. Household goods must arrive within two months before or six months after the customer's passport is stamped for entry into Turkey. Customers that hold a Turkish Passport must have lived abroad for a continuous period in excess of two years in order to import items free of duty that were acquired outside of Turkey.

Documents Required
1. Passport for customer and dependents (with valid entry stamp) 
2. Residence Visa 
3. Residence Permit 
4. Work Permit 
5. Application Letter 
6. Inventory (showing brand name and serial numbers of electrical appliances) 
7. Letter of Guarantee issued by customer's Turkish employer 
8. Letter authorizing destination agent to clear shipment 

1. Customer must be present for customs clearance of any vehicle. 
2. Vehicle must arrive within three months before or three months after customer's passport is stamped for entry into Turkey 
3. Turkish citizens must obtain a labor permit for importation of a motor vehicle 
4. New vehicles are relatively problem free, but there are restrictions on vehicles over three years old 
5. A non-Turkish National may avoid taxes and import duty when importing a vehicle in Turkey if a Letter of Guarantee is provided 
6. If vehicle is included in container with household goods, household goods will not be released until vehicle is cleared 
7. No minibuses allowed 

Documents required: 
"Carnet de Passage" 
Owner's Passport 
Residence Permit 
Purchase Invoice 
Black Book (motor and chassis number) 
Letter of Guarantee from Customer 

Restricted Items
1. Food 
2. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products 
3. Perfume 
4. Used appliances, electronics, etc. should not be packed in original cartons, or they will be considered new 
5. Electrical goods should be compatible with the number of family members in the household 
Duplicate electrical items are dutiable 
Fax machines and telecommunication equipment are restricted 

Prohibited Items
1. Weapons and ammunition 
2. Narcotics and drugs 
3. Explosives 

Live Animals and Plants
Health Certificate required

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