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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Sri Lanka
Customer must be present at time of customs clearance. Sri Lanka Nationals & Expatriates may import household goods and personal effects duty-free provided they have been outside the country for a year or more. Some Customs exemption granted with Residence Visa. Shipments must arrive within three months of Customer. Refundable Customs deposit payable on all shipments.

Documents Required
1. Passport 
2. Residence Visa/Blue Card 
3. Unaccompanied baggage declaration must be made at airport 
4. Inventory 

1. Automobiles and motorcycles over three years old are prohibited 
2. Only right-hand drive autos are permitted 
3. High duties payable 
4. Import License must be obtained prior to arrival 

Restricted Items
1. All items in commercial quantity 
2. Alcohol and tobacco products 
3. All currency, gold, silver, jewelry, etc.

Prohibited Items
1. Dangerous drugs 
2. Gold and gems 
3. Firearms 
4. Obscene literature, pictures, etc. 
5. Sri Lanka currency over Rs. 1,000/Indian and Pakistan currencies 
6. Fruits, plants, vegetables 
7. Animals, birds, reptiles, and parts thereof 
8. Possession of heroin carriers the death penalty. 

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general guidance and all users are allowed to reproduce this information. cannot however take responsibility for any errors, additions, omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such it is advisable to contact the nearest customs office or the moving company you select for your move to Sri Lanka for full and current information prior to importation/relocation.