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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Spain
Household Goods shipments may be imported into Spain without paying duty provided that they have been used and are imported no later than one year after the customer has obtained a Residence / Work Permit in Spain. A shipment arriving after this deadline requires additional formalities and would be subject to extra expenses and delays. Most probably its VAT and duty-free admission will be denied. Duty will be applied to new household goods and any such items found within a declaration of used household goods will render the whole shipment rejected for free admission. 

Documents Required
1. For the Canary Islands:
Original Passport with last entry stamp by the Police or photocopy of same legalized by a Notary Public 
Original Certificate of Domicile obtained from the local Town Hall 
Original N.I.E. Number - identification number Could take 2-3 weeks to obtain 
Original Flight tickets on entry 
Original Inventory in Spanish with a valuation signed by Customer 
Original Rental Contract -Title Deed to property 
Application of Residence 
2. All Islands can vary in required documentation 
3. For Spain: 
a. Original Passport with last entry stamp 
b. Spanish Identification Card (D.N.I.) 
c. Residence Visa 
d. Residence/Original Work Permit 
i. A bank guarantee is required if a Residence/Work Permit is not available. Shipment MAY be released with a deposit of a bank guarantee which must be canceled within one year 
e. Certificate of Origin/Certificate of Residence Change, provided by the local city hall, stating customer has resided abroad for a minimum of One year (EC countries for six months) 
f. Residence rental/purchase agreement showing a minimum rent of two years 
g. Letter from employer stating that employee will be working in Spain 
h. Consular registration 
i. Fiscal identification number (N.I.E.) 
j. Non-Spanish citizens must obtain a consular or residence resign at origin stating that the customer has canceled his residence at origin due to moving to Spain 
k. Customs application for duty-free import 
l. Letter authorizing destination agent to clear shipment 
m. Detailed inventory in Spanish, valued (two copies) signed and dated by the customer, legalized by Spanish Consulate at origin and valued 
n. Must show contents of cartons, state goods have not been used for more than six months and list all major appliances with make, model and serial number 
o. Purchase invoice for appliances may be necessary; customer should be advised to hand carry these with them! 
4. Shipments not properly documented will be assessed import duties and taxes, at values determined by Spanish Customs and face lengthy delays and additional charges 
5. If clearance procedures are not initiated because of lack of documents, shipment may be subject to auction by Spanish by Spanish customs after one month. 

1. Including motorcycles and motor scooters 
2. Duty-free import may be allowed for limited time (six months); import duties and taxes will be payable upon application for permanent permit 
3. Customer must have resided outside Spain for at least twelve months (six months for EC countries) 
4. Must have been used by customer minimum of six months 
5. Modifications that alter original design are prohibited 
6. Temporary permit can be obtained at Customs (valid for six months), 
Customer must obtain Spanish Vehicle Registration within this time 

Documents required
Purchase Invoice or Certificate of Membership 
Registration or Title 
Circulation Permit 
Tax Receipt 
Liability Insurance on auto must be valid and running 
License plates from country of origin 
Identification Card 
Passport or Residence Card 
Title issued under the member's name 
Valid Insurance 
Originals are required for above documents 

Prohibited Items
1. Weapons and ammunition (need special permit from the Spanish Police, obtained by the owner from "Direccion General de la Guardia Civil") 
a. complete description such as model, caliber, serial number, etc. are required 
b. Spanish Police will retain it until final permission is granted 
2. Drugs 
3. Pornographic material 
4. Cleaning Fluids 
5. Paints 

Live Animals and Plants
Dogs, cats, birds, etc. allowed with Health and Vaccination Certificate from veterinarian.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general guidance and all users are allowed to reproduce this information. cannot however take responsibility for any errors, additions, omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such it is advisable to contact the nearest customs office or the moving company you select for your move to Spain for full and current information prior to importation/relocation.