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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Pakistan
Customer must be in country at time of customs clearance. Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free in reasonable quantity. New or used furniture need the following.
Form "A" Customs, Passport, Invoice/packing, Employee Certificate, Above in case of foreign nationals and proof that returning national is returning permanently, Allowed under personal baggage or transfer to residence and Customer presence is required for clearance

Documents Required
Passport for each family member, Work Permit (for foreign nationals) or NOC from Investment Promotion Bureau, Govt. of Pakistan, Letter from employer stating that the Customer will be stationed in Pakistan for approximately three years (for foreign nationals), Employer Certificate, Pakistan Nationals require a National Identity Card (copy), Transfer of Residence Certificate, Inventory, descriptive showing contents of cartons and of each liftvan, Bank Guarantee required for all shipments loose in steamship container, Customer account must be advised before shipment moves. 

1. Importation is allowed only to diplomats and Pakistani Nationals 
2. Duties apply - varies from 10090 to value (cost plus freight) 
3. Documents required: 
Import Permit, Passport and Invoice/old registration book. 

Restricted Items
Duties apply to all electrical items, major appliances and new items (invoices/receipts required) and Duties also apply to tobacco products, perfumes, toiletries and foodstuffs.

Prohibited Items
Alcohol (will be confiscated at port of entry), Drugs, Firearms, weapons, explosives and ammunition. If imported must have Exemption Certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad, Pornographic material and statues and Recorded VCR tapes and other movies. 

Live Animals and Plants
Health Certificate, Passport of owner required for import, Customer's presence is required for clearance and Allowed accompanied or as unaccompanied baggage.

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