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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Azerbaijan
Duty free entry allowed provided items are used, for personal use, will not be sold, and will be exported upon shipper leaving the country. Personal items include appliances, food, clothes, books, etc. Note: After a period of two years, duties may be charged. Officially, it is required that the shipper be in the country when the shipment arrives but rarely will he/she need to be at the customs clearance. Used household goods (owned and used for at least six months) and personal effects are generally duty-free provided the customer has been abroad for at least one year, and the goods will

Documents Required

Valid Azerbaijani visa. Company should be registered in Baku, capitol of Azerbaijan.


1. Motor Vehicles are exempt from duties if owned and used abroad for at least six months, and cannot be sold or otherwise transferred for two years 
2. All cars must meet Austrian specifications and may require extensive modifications 
3. Proof of automobile insurance is required 
4. Application for Austrian license plates must be made immediately; plates from original country must be available 
5. Separate customs clearance at the main customs office in Vienna is necessary 
6. Documents required: 
Log Book, Purchase Invoice and contract, Copy of Passport , Registration with police or local authority in Austria (original), Exit Certificate stating stay abroad was for at least 12 months.

Restricted Items
Alcohol, 5 liters per person, Tobacco, 5 cartons per person and Medicines for personal use only.

Prohibited Items

Not Available

Live Animals and Plants

Dogs and cats are permitted with Health and Vaccination Certificate in German

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