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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to Argentina

Owners Presence at clearance is recommended in order to sign papers and supply their passport to customs. Foreigners with a permanent residence visa and/or returning Argentine citizens who have been living abroad for over one year can import used household goods and personal effects duty-free, Foreigners without a permanent residence visa may import used household goods and personal effects on a temporary basis. One air and one sea shipment allowed. Shipment must arrive in Argentina within six months of owner's first entry into the country, or no more than three months before, a  special permit has to be obtained from the Director General of Customs in Argentina. These and other regulations may vary according to the owners immigration status. All items must be used and have been in possession of the shipper for at least one year. New items are subject to high duties and cause delays in customs clearance.

Documents Required 


  1. Diplomats are permitted to import used or new autos
  2. Used autos can be imported by Argentinean returning citizens (abroad for at least two years) or immigrants with residence in Argentina
  3. Importation of new autos is subject to Ministry of Commerce Administrative regulations and are limited to certain makes and models (consult Destination Agent for specifics prior to forwarding)
  4. Autos for private use are subject to duty
  5. One auto per adult (21 years old or older), two per family
  6. Auto must have been registered in customers name and must have been purchased or transferred to customer a minimum of three months prior to arrival of customer in Argentina
  7. Auto must not be sold for at least one year after clearance
  8. Auto must be imported within six months of customers arrival

Documents required:

Original Purchase Invoice, Title, Certificate of Residence, Original Passport and Original license,

Certification from an Argentine Consulate, establishing that customer has been living in country of origin during the last 12 months.

  Pre/Shipment Inspection Certificate is required for the importation of automobiles and/or motorcycles.

2 Original Ocean Bill of Ladings must be in Shippers name

Separate Ocean Bills of Lading are required-one for household goods and one for the auto (even if the household goods and auto are both in container)

Returning citizens or importers with a permanent visa will pay duties of 78.20% on CIF value. Auto cannot be picked up from customs unless the duties have been paid.

Argentine citizens returning who might have entered a move a long time ago, or importers with old residence in Argentina may not import a motor vehicle.

An already imported an auto previously may not import a second auto.

Above documents must be certified or Visaed by the Argentine Consulate in the origin country. 

Diplomatic Shipment 

A Diplomatic Franchise must be obtained from the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Diplomatic Mission or the Official Foreign Organization where the shipper is officially employed. 

Prohibited Items

 Illegal drugs,  Child pornography, Perishable goods, Items which contain an internal-combustion engine, New computers, Color TVs and new TVs,  Plants, These items are prohibited to be nationalized only (Argentine citizens returning or foreigners with permanent Visa). They may be imported on a temporary basis for foreigners with 3 months, 6months or 12 months Visa.

Restricted Items:- Sports weapons allowed with proof of ownership.  Gifts, Alcoholic beverages: up to 30 liters of wine plus up to 30 liters of any other alcoholic beverages can be imported duty free. Please contact us prior the embarkation if the client wants to bring more. Food.  New items (less than six months old) are subject to high duties.

Live Animals and Plants 

 Obtain a health certificate (no more than 10 days can pass from the date of issue until arrival) and a valid and current anti-rabies vaccination certificate for the animal. Have this certificate stamped by the nearest Argentine Consulate (if possible). This document should accompany the animal when it arrives in Argentina.  

Disclaimer:  This information is intended for general guidance and all users are allowed to reproduce this information. cannot however take responsibility for any errors, additions, omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use.  As such it is advisable to contact the nearest customs office or the moving company you select for your move to Argentina for full and current information prior to importation/relocation.