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Customs Procedure for Moving Household Goods in to France
Used household goods duty-free if owned abroad for six months, if the owner is moving his principal residence to France, and the items arrive within one year from the arrival date reflected on the Change of Residence. Regulations are different if the Customer is establishing a secondary residence. If Second shipment anticipated, it must be stated at the time of the first importation. 
Special Cases
Inheritance: Declaration from notary with inventory of goods, date of death, relationship & French Resident. The goods must be shipped within one year from date of death. 
Wedding presents: Marriage Certificate and French Resident Permit. Goods must be shipped within one month of wedding. 
Students: Official attestation of attendance at school or university. The scholar's goods must be shipped within one month from date of registration at school or university. 

Documents Required
Copy of passport 
Original Visa, Residence and Work Permit 
Certificate of Change of Residence obtained from the French Consulate with Customer's signature indicating dates of stay abroad 
Attestation de non-cession (signed original stating Customer has lived abroad for at least one year, has owned all items for more than six months, and that goods will not be sold for twelve months) 
Proof of residence in France (for example an electricity bill or telephone bill)
Letter of professional transfer from employer indicating date of employment abroad 
Valued inventory in French (valued in French Francs) dated and signed by Customer three copies 
Inventory must indicate contents of each carton 
List all electrical items separately (purchase invoices required) must show brand name and serial number.
Delivery address in France with access, floor, entry code if any 

Expatriates who intend to remain in France for a period of time may import one auto duty-free as personal effects. Foreigners may import an auto duty-free provided the owner has been living abroad for more than one year, the car has been owned for six months prior to import, and the car is correctly registered as a commercial car. Auto must not be disposed of within two years of entry into France. Must be listed on inventory (giving year, make, model, chassis engine, horse power and registration numbers). Certain makes are not permitted. Vehicle must pass inspection for compliance with French standards and must be road-worthy.
Document Required 
Change of residence certificate delivered by French Consulate in origin country 
Original registration card 
Purchasing invoice of the vehicle 
Plate numbers
Note:-If a vehicle is imported, it must be mentioned on the inventory, even if it is not accompanying the household goods.

Prohibited Items
Drugs, narcotics, ivory and hides of protected species. Paints, polishes, and cleaning solvents. Live plants. Pornographic material.Explosives & matches. Guns, weapons and ammunition are highly regulated, and require various registrations and certificates and have the authorization from the French Defense Ministry (provide make, caliber, serial number and purpose). Some weapons strictly prohibited. Arms and ammunition require a special permit.

Live Animals and Plants
Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies at least one month and no more than one year prior to importation and a valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian of the country of departure should accompany the animal. 
A health certificate executed not more than five days prior to departure by the national licensed veterinarian of the country of export, must also accompany the pet together with a current medical and inoculation history.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general guidance and all users are allowed to reproduce this information. cannot however take responsibility for any errors, additions and omissions or for any loss or damage that may occur from its use. As such it is advisable to contact the nearest customs office or the moving company you select for your move to France for full and current information prior to importation/relocation.